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Staying ahead of the data game

Itarle Equinix

"London, 6 December 2016."

itarle, the leading provider of smart execution algorithms accross global financial markets, uses Equinix for storage scalability, secure access to the cloud and the most direct access to financial clients.

With rapid and sustained growth such as that experienced by itarle and no doubt many other technology providers over the last few years, the need for innovative data storage infrastructure and connectivity solutions has never been so crucial.

For us, in 2016 managing an ever deepening ocean of data in-house became a time-burdening distraction from our core algorithmic trading business. That’s why we partnered with AWS and Equinix to keep our data storage and interconnection house in check.

Using a hybrid model of data storage and connectivity, Amazon AWS satisfies our storage needs while Equinix has us seamlessly and securely connected to global financial markets with its datacenter facilities located right next to many of the world’s most important international finance hubs. This is the ultimate setup, allowing us to connect in the most efficient way possible to clients, exchanges and data vendors worldwide.

By colocating in the Equinix hubs in Slough, Zurich and Hong Kong, itarle sits within an ecosystem that includes major brokerages, exchanges and high-frequency trading platforms.

To find out more about the benefits of using AWS and Equinix together, read our case study.