Company Approach

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Due to company experience that covers the trading pits of the LIFFE floor to the leading global program trading desks, all Itarle algorithms share a fundamental ingredient: trader intuition.

Itarle combines the experience of traders and validates it with real time adaptive quantitative models that react on every tick generated from the exchanges. This partnership of trader intuition and complex event driven models provides an optimal and logical algorithmic execution across all types of market micro structure and volatility environments. Ultimately, execution algorithms can only be judged on a historical performance. Therefore, before Itarle release a new feature or strategy, or update an existing one, it must be able to contribute further to the Itarle mission to:

  • Improve execution price performance
  • Improve execution consistency
  • Increase trader productivity
  • Reduce the customers execution costs


Itarle is a fully independent firm with no ownership or conditional relationships with third parties such as brokers or stock exchanges. This allows Itarle to provide a completely impartial service to its clients.


Itarle constantly search for changes in market micro structure so that they can be implemented into its services. This continuous innovative delivers enhanced price improvement for its clients.


Itarle is not a broker, nor does it have proprietary trading operations. Thus, Itarle customers do not need to worry about conflicts of interest or adverse information leakage affecting execution performance.

The clients of Itarle are banks and brokers with global reach and distribution, or regional brokers with a strong and loyal local client base. These banks and brokers rely on Itarle to provide them with a market leading, cost effective private label algorithmic trading solution. All Itarle customers are proud about their own brand and the integrity of their own clients order flow. This is why they trust Itarle quantitative technology with their most precious commodity - buy side order flow.